Organization & Board

Board Members & Secretary General

EXCA is headed by Secretary General, Mara Caboara, based in Brussels. With the input and support from experts from the member companies via 3 Working Groups and a few Task Groups, EXCA represents and promotes the interests of the European producers of expanded clay.

EXCA is managed by a 6-person board which includes a President and a Vice President. The board as well as the President and Vice President are elected by the General Assembly.

The General Assembly is the executive body of EXCA and consists of all member companies.

  • Mara Caboara

    Mara Caboara EXCA Secretary-General

  • Torben Dyrberg

    Torben Dyrberg Leca International President

  • Jurgen Tuffner

    Jurgen Tuffner Liapor Vice President

  • Kurt Vernimmen

    Kurt Vernimmen Argex Board member

  • Gian Domenico Giovannini

    Gian Domenico Giovannini Laterlite Board Member

  • Julian Slater

    Julian Slater Plasmor Board member

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