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Roof Garden Emporia Malmö Shopping Centre


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Project Name Roof Garden Emporia Malmö Shopping Centre Location Malmö, Sweden Year 2012
Contractor NCC Architect Landskapsgruppen Owner/Builder Sten & Ström

General Description:

On top of the shopping centre “Emporia Malmö” a green roof was built for aesthetic and practical reasons. In addition to magnificent views around the city of Malmö, the green roof has many technical and environmental advantages. For example, it suppresses noise, slows storm water, insulates the roof and acts as a heat buffer.

Why Expanded Clay:

Expanded clay provided both drainage and light weight properties suitable for the construction. In addition, the possibility to blow the material meant it could be brought directly into the place of installation without any further handling on the building site.

Key benefits:

The blowing of the material not only proved to be cost effective during the installation but also the drainage properties of the expanded clay worked according to the expectations. The longest blowing leg were 150 m long and at most 240 m3 were blown during one working day. Transporting 10.000 m3 of material onto a roof can be a challenge, the choice of expanded clay handled this issue and brought benefits to the whole logistic process.

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