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Triennale Design Museum


Intermediate Floors

Project Name Triennale Design Museum Location Milan, Italy Year 2007
Architect Michele De Lucchi Owner/Builder Fondazione La Triennale di Milano

General Description:

The project of the Museum is anticipated by a restoration of public spaces on the ground floor and then began the construction of the space for the Design Museum (the Library Project, the Historical Archive and Documentation Centre) and the restoration of the exhibition. At the same time, took place the design and construction of the entrance access bridge. Expanded clay agregate is used as a base layer for the backfill in intermediate floors for incorporating services as electrical and hydraulic in the substrate keeping loading low.

Why Expanded Clay:

The Expanded clay premix lightweight insulating concrete is used as a backfill for incorporating services (electrical and water).
The porous nature of the expanded clay granules gives excellent thermal installation and improves acoustic insulation keeping loading low.

Key benefits:

Lightness, strenght, and insulation.

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