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“Bridgewater Place” Leeds

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Project Name "Bridgewater Place" Leeds Location Leeds, England
Contractor Irvine Whitlock Architect AEDAS Architects Owner/Builder Bovis Lend Lease

General Description:

Bridgewater Place, one of the tallest buildings, completed in 2006, following several re-designs.  The impressive building contains 2 basement levels, retail outlets at the ground floor, 9 floors of open plan and multi purpose offices and the balance is residential dwellings (21 floors).  It is located on the south side of the city very close to the centre.  The project used 16500m² of Lightweight blockwork.  It is a widely know building as the architectural design and shape accelerates the wind in the immediate locality, which has been known to knock over pedestrians and vehicles during “strong winds”.

Why Expanded Clay:

Expanded Clay Paintgrade block walls were used for the main reason of the consistency of finish.  Once constructed a coat of paint created a very smooth surface finish and very easy on the eye.  The product was selected as it has excellent sound reduction qualities (Rw 50dB) and the ability to keep the cost down during the life span of the building.

Key benefits:

Consistent in finish and dimensions, smooth, manual handling compliant and flexible in the design process.

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