General Description

Expanded Clay In Wall Applications

Expanded clay lightweight aggregate can be used as a primary material in the mix design of low density building blocks and panels, the manufacturing process of the elements can use expanded clay aggregate screened from 20mm down to 0mm. There is no alternative material in the market that delivers structural integrity whilst having a density approximately 350kg/m³ which assists in creating a very sustainable lightweight flexible building material. Expanded clay block and panel walls deliver lightweight, and robust building construction solutions, that are suitable for the application of render, party wall construction, acoustics partitions, basements and inner leaf blocks external walls offering the very simple inherent technical benefits such as:

• Lightweight
• Fire resistant
• Thermal mass
• Thermal comfort
• Sound reduction and absorption

Manufacturing standards for the material include:

• EN 771 Specification for masonry “Specification for masonry units – Part 3: Aggregate concrete masonry units (Dense and lightweight aggregates)”

• EN 1520 Specification for panels “Prefabricated reinforced components of lightweight aggregate concrete with open structure with structural or non-structural reinforcement”

• EN 14992 Specification for precast concrete products “Precast concrete products -Wall elements”

• EN 13055-1 Specification for expanded clay aggregates “Lightweight aggregates. Lightweight aggregates for concrete, mortar and grout”

The flexibility and durability of expanded clay wall elements sees the product widely used in the market place, in vast volumes. One member EU countries supply up to 90% of all dwelling houses with building blocks as the primary structural element, it works, it is tried and tested, and it is built to last.

The main format of the product delivered into the market place varies dependent upon local geographical conditions

• Panels
• Solid blocks
• Hollow blocks
• Sandwich blocks

Some of the primary benefits of using expanded clay wall elements is the balance between achieving a product that is of low density and high strength, light weight and in most circumstances Health & Safety compliant, it has high thermal resistance and naturally carries the benefit of “Inertia” or thermal mass to compliment human comfort and comfort cooling.

The general mechanics of the finished product allows them as load bearing and non-loadbearing elements of buildings that are suitable for:

• Party walls
• Internal walls
• External walls
• Basement walls
• Acoustic partitions

Whist delivering the technical benefits as noted, the product is fire resistant as non-combustible without the need for any secondary treatments.

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