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Artesis Campus Park Spoor Noord


Water Management

Project Name Artesis Campus Park Spoor Noord Location Antwerp, Belgium Year 2015
Contractor AMV Wegenboux Architect Arcadis Owner/Builder Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen

General Description:

In recent years, the former industrial northern part of Antwerp has become very popular and trendy. Iconic project such as the “Museum aan den Stroom”, “Park Spoor Noord” and the “London Tower” have invigorated the “Eilanje” neighbourhood. The new site around the Artesis Campus Park Spoor Noord will only increase the phenomenon with exciting architecture and new green areas around.

Why Expanded Clay:

To expand the new green area around a heavily urbanized neighbourhood it was important that the material was low weight and counted with good draining and nutrition properties for the vegetation.

Key benefits:

Expanded clay was used as a drainage layer beneath the substrate and was used due to its ability to retain water in the park.

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