Memorial Monument Battle Of Waterloo 1815 3


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Memorial Monument Battle Of Waterloo 1815



Project Name Memorial Monument Battle of Waterloo 1815 Location Waterloo, Belgium Year 2015
Contractor Duchène Architect BEAI / Claude Goelhen Owner/Builder Waterloo Municipality

General Description:

To reduce the load on the existing area, a low weight material needed to be used to landscape the area around the monument of the Lion of Waterloo. Also, since it is a touristic area, placement needed to be done in as less time as possible

Why Expanded Clay:

1m³ of expanded clay weighs 1 tonne less than a classic draining material. Also, expanded clay is an inert, strong material with an unlimited lifespan which ensures drainage and water management.

Key benefits:

The expanded clay was put in place in a very fast and effective way. The expanded clay mixed with the substrate reduces the total weight with about 20% and ensured –because of the space in between the granulates– the aeration of the green area.

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