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Charles De Gaulle Airport Green Roof


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Project Name Charles De Gaulle Airport Green Roof Location Paris, France Year 2016
Contractor Botanica Architect TN PLUS Owner/Builder Paris Aéroport

General Description:

This project situated near Paris was part of a major renovation and expansion of Charles de Gaulle airport. The aim of this project was to raise the level of the roofs without increasing the total weight of the structure.

Why Expanded Clay:

To raise the level of the roof without increasing weight on the construction, an environmental friendly, lightweight material that was easy to place was needed. The highly qualitative, nicely designed buildings asked for a material that could be blown by silo trucks. Height of the different roofs altered between 8 metres and 16 metres in height.

Key benefits:

Expanded clay lightweight was used due to its natural lightness and versatility.

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