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Tour & Taxis


Water Management

Project Name Tour & Taxis Location Brussels, Belgium Year 2015
Contractor Gebroeders Van Den Berghe Architect Bas Smets Owner/Builder Tour & Taxis

General Description:

The site is composed of large warehouses and offices surrounding a former train station and its spacious central hall. Though it was long disused following its loss of importance as a shipping and customs hub, the site has now been partially restored, and is now used for large cultural events, including Couleur Café and the Brussels Design Market, as well as office space.

Why Expanded Clay:

The historical industrial construction around Tour & Taxis had to be considered before construction of a new underground tunnel. Therefore, a low weight material with good draining properties, such as expanded clay was selected.

Key benefits:

Expanded clay improved the collection and discharge of water and increased the water buffering during dry periods.

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