EN 14992 Precast concrete products – Wall elements


This European Standard applies to prefabricated walls, made of normal weight or lightweight concrete with dense structure. Also fibre reinforced concrete (steel, polymer or other fibres covered by European standards) may be used. These wall elements may have external wall functions (see 3.11) or not, have facing functions (see 3.12) or not or have a combination of these functions. External wall functions could be: – thermal insulation (see 3.11.1); – sound insulation (see 3.11.2); – hygrometric control (see 3.11.3); or a combination of these. They may be plain, reinforced or prestressed. They may be loadbearing or not. These include: – solid walls; – composite walls; – sandwich walls; – lightened walls; – claddings. The wall element may also work as a column or beam.