Expanded clay LWA in CEA: Lightweight fill and thermal insulation products for civil engineering applications. Installation and structural quality control on site.


This Technical report was prepared by EXCA, the European Expanded Clay Association, in 2007 and revised in 2015. The goal and purpose has been to present the current best practice and recommendations on the European level concerning proper construction works and in-situ quality control to ensure a correct and proper execution of civil engineering applications of Expanded Clay lightweight aggregates. The basic material properties shall be documented and declared according to EN 15732 Light weight fill and thermal insulation products for civil engineering applications (CEA). Expanded clay lightweight aggregate products (LWA). This technical report is acknowledged by all the major partners in the European Expanded Clay industry, and thus should be considered as a recommendation from the industry. This report provides general recommendations prepared by the EXCA-industry and has no legal status. National standards, recommendations, instructions and guidance given in the specific projects have to be followed.