Matéria em arquitectura: projectar com a indústria


The project for the rehabilitation and expansion of the School Braamcamp Freire (Pontinha, Lisboa) is part of the national program to modernize High Schools, having started in 2007 under the safeguard action of Parque Escolar, EPE From the construction point of view, the design strategy pointed to the specification of high strength and quality finishing materials, in order to meet the performance requirements implied by the public character of buildings, providing comfort of use and ensuring low maintenance costs. As a result of close collaboration with industry, acoustical block Soundcomfort, existing in standardized production, it was modified in size, the type of particle size and color of their households, and remained its internal geometry – subordinate status to its performance Acoustic. By optimizing these parameters, the new block was applied in different areas and contexts of Braamcamp Freire School, satisfying the sound insulation requirements, adapting to the dimensional constraints of existing buildings and adapting to the public character of spaces, demanding a comfortable surface finish to the touch.