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Les Trefles – ‘Passive School Building’

Sub base compensation

Project name Les Trefles - 'Passive School Building' Volume 12000 m³ expanded clay 8-16 mm Location Anderlecht, Brussels Year 2014
Contractor CFE Brabant Designer ARTER Owner/Builder City of Anderlecht


The design for this school was a winning project in the city of Brussels’ call for ‘Example buildings 2012’. The school and gym both have progressive energetic- and environmental performances which meet the passive housing standards.

Why Expanded Clay:

The choice of building materials was based on Life Cycle Assessment, in which the ecological footprint is determined by the whole lifecycle. Since expanded clay is a 100% ecological product, it fitted perfectly into this project. Also, the design restricted the need for primair energy thanks to a thorough thermal insulation.


This project wants to be an example in terms of energetical performances but also wants to create energy efficiency awareness amongst children. This way, sustainability becomes a crucial part of this pedagogical project.

Key Issues:

Blowing, Stability, and Thermal Insulation

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