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Market place “Papendrecht”

Road and railway embankment

Project name Market place "Papendrecht" Volume 1.900 m³ expanded clay 4-8 mm Location Papendrecht, The Netherlands Year 2012
Contractor Schotgroep Designer Engineering IV Infra Owner/Builder Drechtsteden city of Papendrecht


Construction projects in The Netherlands often face the problem of areas where the soil has a low bearing capacity. This was also the case in the site preparation of a market square in Papendrecht, a town almost completely surrounded by a river. The local road was not adapted to heavy traffic and therefore needed an update. Because of the presence of soft soil (peet layers), expanded clay need to be used instead of sand, to reduce settlements.

Why Expanded Clay:

The solution with expanded clay was chosen in order to limit the settlements and to allow heavy traffic to reach the construction site. Also because of the excellent compaction of expanded clay , this solution was chosen.


On top of the expanded clay layer, a package of 300 mm concrete placed. The sewers and pipes are resting in the expanded clay fill to ensure protection since the road was to be used by a lot of heavy traffic.

Key Issues:

Drainage, Mechanical protection, and Settlement

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