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Platform extension “West Hampstead Station”

Road and railway embankment

Project name Platform extension "West Hampstead Station" Volume 940 m³ expanded clay 10-20 mm Location West Hampstead, London Year 2009
Contractor Walker Construction / Carillion, UK Designer Hyder Consulting, UK Owner/Builder Network Rail


Three high-traffic railway platforms were to be lengthened and widened at West Hampstead rail station in London. Avoiding passenger disruption through speed of installation and limited line closures was paramount. A 100 mm diameter steel pipeline was installed beneath the rail tracks to allow some 940 m3 expanded clay to be blown in to position.

Why Expanded Clay:

The expanded clay was blown some 100 metres through a hose beneath the tracks and directly in to the central platform where it was installed in 600 mm layers and compacted by vibrating plate compactor. Some 16 x 60 m3 deliveries were made to this difficult to access location compared with almost 80 deliveries of traditional hardcore which would have had to have been installed during track closure and carried across the track.


In all, the work was carried out with ease and completed in 6-7 days, a fraction of the time that it would have taken in traditional fill methods had been used.

Key Issues:

Blowing and Load reduction

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