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Road 2029 “Öresjö”

Road and railway embankment

Project name Road 2029 “Öresjö” Volume 2.000 m³ expanded clay 8-20 mm Location Öresjö, Sweden Year 2008
Contractor Svevia Designer Vectura Owner/Builder Trafikverket


Roads on peat are common and so is also the problem with settlements. Old construction methods have been used with good results on these soft soils. But renovations or new asphalt layers together with heavier traffic finally causes more and more severe damage and settlement through time. A local road had been subjected to settlement passing through an area with soft soil consisting of peat. To repair these parts of the road and to avoid further problems with settlement the whole embankment was excavated and replaced by lighter material.

Why Expanded Clay:

Expanded clay is a light weight material which is light enough to reduce settlements and tensions in the underlying clay but heavy enough not to cause buoyancy problems in case of flooding. With easy and fast installation expanded clay offers a financially and time wise attractive solution.


Quick installation with no recorded problems. The drainage and high external porosity properties of expanded clay also simplified construction with some free water in the excavation. There was no need to keep the shaft completely dry or to move around piling vehicles on the extremely soft peat. The existing road could be used as sole access during reconstruction.

Key Issues:

Load reduction and Settlement

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