3 in 1 express road embankment

Year: 2008

Location: Miedzyzdroje

Country: Poland

Volume: 4.500 m³ expanded clay 10-20 mm

Owner Builder: GDDKiA oddział Szczecin

Contractor: Hermann Kirchner Polska

Designer: Transprojek Gdański oddział Szczecin

Problem / Solution

In the area of Miedzyzdroje which is a popular tourist destination, during  the express road S-3 construction, difficult soil condition were met. Due to high peat content other solution could not be applied. The problems to solve were to compensate the weights of the embankment that was constructed with natural aggregate piles in geotextile. In addition to this new service road need to be constructed on the side of the embankment, where there was a swamp. Another issue was to find a good solution to line up heavy power cables.


Tailor-made solution to solve 3 issues  with one  solution: insulation of power cables, eliminate the settlement of the embankment and service road construction on wet land.

Why expanded clay?

The use of standard solution to construct the embankment with the natural aggregate would have been impossible without reducing its weight impact with expanded clay, to avoid the settlement in the soft ground. The solution to use expanded clay has been also optimum to line up the heavy power cable to eliminate the risk of negative consequences from contact of the power transmission cables with the organic soil.