Asunto Mestarinkatu

Year: 2016

Location: Espoo

Country: Finland

Owner Builder: Avara Koti Oy

Contractor: Jatke Uusimaa Oy

Designer: Architects HMW Oy

Problem / Solution

This project consisting of three six-storey housing units, dealt with the task of insulating and waterproofing the roof and its building material to meet tough weather conditions.


Expanded clay lightweight aggregate was easy and quick to build. The expanded clay lightweight aggregate was lifted from the transport vehicle to the roof in a container, where two professionals installed the aggregate roof thermal insulation and concrete slab casting on a normal block of flats in two days.

Why expanded clay?

Expanded clay lightweight aggregate is the only thermal insulation which can be reasonably fitted between pipes and ducts. On lightweight aggregate roofs, a vapour barrier and the necessary building service technology must be installed on site casted concrete slab or prefabricated concrete slabs first.