United Kingdom

“City Hall”

Year: 2002

Location: London

Country: United Kingdom

Volume: Ultra-lightweight Aggregate, Solid 140mm x 215mm x 440mm, Paintgrade

Owner Builder: Greater London Authority

Contractor: Lesterose

Designer: Norman Foster, Foster + Partners

Problem / Solution

City Hall is the Headquarters of the Greater London Authority, built in 2002 it is located on the South Bank of the river Thames near Tower Bridge, whilst still a steel and glass structure building, the construction comprises of 3000m² of Paintgrade blocks use in internal walls, basement & service areas in the lowest storeys.


Consistent in finish and dimensions, smooth, manual handling compliant and flexible in the design process.

Why expanded clay?

Expanded Clay Paintgrade block walls were used for the main reason of the consistency of finish.  Once constructed a coat of paint created a very smooth surface finish and very easy on the eye.  The product was selected over a frame system as it is more robust, has excellent sound reduction qualities (Rw 50dB) and the ability to keep the cost down during the life span of the building.