Extension of Headquarter BGL BNP Paribas, Kirchberg

Year: 2016

Location: Kirchberg

Country: Luxembourg

Volume: 360 m³ expanded clay 4-10 mm

Owner Builder: BGL BNP Paribas

Contractor: AM CLE CBL Constantini

Designer: M3 Dell Linster Lucas - SGI Engineering

Problem / Solution

The extension of the headquarters of BGL BNP PARIBAS is situated at Plateau du Kirchberg, between  l’avenue JF Kennedy and la rue Steichen.  The project  consists of 2 buildings .
– the building JFK presents 6 levels  alongside the l’avenue Kennedy, and develops a surface of approximately  17 000m².
– the building  Tour goes up to 15 levels opposite the roundabout  Serra, with a surface of  +/- 29 700m². The total surface of the building represents  95 000m².
At this particular construction site expanded clay aggregates are used as light infill materials for embankment limits, to reduce setting and compensate loads of extra horizontal and vertical powers. Also for the building surroundings expanded clay is being applied in purpose of permanent drainage system and soil improvement.


The expanded clay is put in place in a very fast and effective way.

Why expanded clay?

The building site is not easy to access, so blowing the lightweight expanded clay from a distance of 50 m on higher levels and underground can be easily completed within minimum of time.  Fase 1: first delivery 8/10/2015 by a silo truck with blowing nozzle. Still ongoing.