Foundation for 100 homes “Josefines Garden”

Year: 2008

Location: Løkken

Country: Denmark

Volume: 6.000 m³ expanded clay 10-20 mm

Owner Builder: Kaa Gruppen A/S

Contractor: Kaa Gruppen A/S

Designer: Andreasen & Hvidberg K/S

Problem / Solution

100 new homes were to be build. The construction site is the “ old “ Josefines Camping located directly to the North Sea.  The Geotechnical report showed very soft sub soil which created a need for either soil reinforcement or reducing the loads.


Load compensation calculation showed that 75 cm of expanded clay 10-20 mm could completely compensate the load of the buildings. Around 60 m3 for each home.  Furthermore any contractor can make this kind of construction and it does not imply special piling or drilling equipment. The workers that erected the houses liked the flat and dry construction site.

Why expanded clay?

The competing solutions were piling or drilled foundations. The lightweight filling method was used because it gave less or no inconvenience for the neighbours and was  financially more attractive.