Lahti Town Square

Year: 2015

Location: Lahti, Finland

Country: Finland

Owner Builder: Lahden Pysäköinti Oy

Contractor: FIRA Oy

Designer: Architect Office Ilkka Ridanpää Oy

Problem / Solution

A 2-storey parking facility with 580 parking places was built under Lahti’s town square. Numerous installations water pipes, electricity and other services were installed onto the top of the upper deck of parking hall during the building process. The top of the parking hall now has been transformed in an outside market place. This required a lightweight material to reduce the generated load of the thick fillings.


The use of expanded clay allowed effective installation and production. In addition, the delivery speed and compaction allowed the project management to regain some lost time during the project.

Why expanded clay?

The low weight of expanded clay allowed to oversize the upper deck structure. Expanded clay is easy to fill around installations and strong enough to support traffic during construction.

Lahti Town Square (Finland – Leca – 2015)
Lahti Town Square 3
Lahti Town Square 2
Lahti Town Square 1