Nurmijärvi Municipal Office Building

Year: 2016

Location: Nurmijärvi

Country: Finland

Owner Builder: Avara Koti Oy

Contractor: MM-Yritysrakentaja Oy

Designer: Architects Office Aarne von Boehm Oy

Problem / Solution

This extensive project renovation included the complete rebuilding and insulation of the roof under harsh winter conditions.


The expanded clay lightweight aggregate was lifted from the transport vehicle to the roof in a lifting box attached to a long hose. Once up, the workers filled the surface with the aggregate before adding the new roofing tiles.

Why expanded clay?

Expanded clay lightweight aggregate was decided upon its lightness and easiness to install. As opposed to concrete, expanded clay roofing tiles are lightweight but strong, have very good heat insulation properties, and can withstand severe weather conditions.