Orreskogen Small masonry house with basement. Oslo

Year: Oslo Murhus AS

Location: Oslo

Country: Norway

Volume: Sandwichblock 350 mm

Owner Builder: Insulated Expanded clay masonry

Contractor: Murmester Rune Røising AS

Designer: Arkitektene Dahl & Myrhol AS, ved Morten Dahl

Problem / Solution

A two family house at the top of Oslo, near Holmenkollen. The house consists of 3 floors with the first floor partly below ground. The location and archictecture is tailor made to facilitate outdoor activities like cross country skiing on the nearby World Champion skiing slopes.


Low maintenance and running costs. Exclusive design. Healthy residential environment.

Why expanded clay?

Exclusive design and low maintenance met the owner’s needs. In addition, the high insulating properties save heating costs and improve human comfort.