Parking lot Drive E. Leclerc Supermarket

Year: 2014

Location: Servon

Country: France

Volume: 300 m³ expanded clay 8-16 mm

Owner Builder: E. Leclerc

Contractor: Jean Lefebvre

Problem / Solution

Because of the abundance of buildings and concrete, the phenomenon of flooding occurs more and more often nowadays. The reason is simple: there isn’t enough space left for water to soak into the soil. Also on (crowded) parking lots, water appears to cause problems. Therefore, for the construction of a large parking lot at Drive E. Leclerc, the constructor opted for a water retention basin with expanded clay aggregates.


Blowing the expanded clay aggregates enabled the contractor to work in the fastest way as possible. Also, the empty spaces in and between the expanded clay aggregates ensure a high drainage capacity.

Why expanded clay?

Because of their drainage capacities but also their high strength, expanded clay aggregates turned out to be the most suitable solution for the construction of this water retention basin. To avoid  that clients would not be able to park at the supermarket for a long time, the work needed to be executed in the fastest way as possible. Also, since E. Leclerc is a environmentally conscious company, they were sensitive for the fact that expanded clay is a 100% natural product.