Port “Seabruges”

Year: 2012

Location: Seabruges

Country: Belgium

Volume: 2.700 m³ expanded clay 8-16 mm

Owner Builder: Flemish government

Contractor: Artes Depret

Designer: Maritieme Toegang

Problem / Solution

For the renovation of a quay wall at Seabruges, expanded clay  was chosen. This to reduce the ground pressure and to ensure lasting stability. The subsoil in the area is soft soil so light weight filling material was recommended.


Due to optimal access to the Marina of Seabruges, the expanded clay was delivered in trucks and tipped directly into the working space. Spreading and compacting was done with an excavator. At less accessible sites, this is also possible with silo trucks, improving the working time.

Why expanded clay?

The use of expanded clay reduces the horizontal loads and deformations which result from the mass of the embankment and, possibly, of the hydrostatic pressure. Because of the intensive use by heavy transport material, a durable solution with expanded clay was necessary.