Residential building, 3 block of flats

Year: Sandwich block 380 mm, Basic block 380 mm, party walls block 200 mm, internal walls 88 mm

Location: Sandwich block masonry

Country: Finland

Volume: Architects Antti Heikkilä Oy

Contractor: Basso Building System Oy

Designer: Sipoo, Finland

Problem / Solution

Three blocks of flats with 96 small departments over three storeys. All loadbering and non loadbearing walls were built from expanded clay blocks. Only the elevator shaft was built from concrete blocks and concrete. Very well insulated house with low energy concumption. The U-value achieved in the walls was 0,15 W/m2k. These multifamily housing units in Sipoo demonstrate that quality blocks of flats, which are professionally executed and economical, can be built using expanded clay sandwich blocks.


Flexible for the contractor, low maintenance cost. Good properties for fire, sound and thermal insulation.

Why expanded clay?

Quick method of construction. The contractor had good experience of working with sandwich blocks and has used them for many years. Good thermal insulation. Deliveries and logistics supported the use of expanded clay blocks.