The Nertherlands

Residential street “Reeuwijk”

Year: 2012

Location: Reeuwijk

Country: The Nertherlands

Volume: 6.150 m³ expanded clay 4-8 mm and 2.700 m³ 0-4 mm

Owner Builder: City of Reewijk

Contractor: Van der Werff group

Designer: City of Reewijk

Problem / Solution

For the renovation of the sewerage network and the raising of the ground level of the complete neighborhood Ravensberg-North, the city of Reeuwijk chose a sustainable and durable lightweight fill to reduce settlement of the soil. Over the past 25 years, the level of the streets in this area decreased by an average of 35 centimeters, in some streets even up to 70 centimeters, where the subsidence is not always even. 1,5 km of sewerage was replaced. The tubes were placed in the expanded clay.


The experience in the use of expanded clay in similar projects of neighboring city Gouda, persuaded the city of Reeuwijk to follow their example. The compacting of the expanded clay fill was done in layers of 35 centimeters. After the compacting, the expanded clay fill was driven over with heavy traffic to form a well compacted package.

Why expanded clay?

The use of expanded clay reduces the horizontal loads, deformations and settlement. Also, the city of Reeuwijk opted for a durable expanded clay fill to extend the cycle of major maintenance of the city sewerage network.