Sound Absorbing and photocatalytic gallery in Milan for EXPO2015

Year: 2014-2015

Location: Milan

Country: Italy

Volume: 600 m long

Owner Builder: MM - Metropolitana Milanese S.p.A.

Contractor: Milesi geom. Sergio srl

Designer: MM - Metropolitana Milanese S.p.A.

Problem / Solution

The new road, which is one of the essential works for access to the site of the Expo 2015, is temporarily dedicated to road transport to public and collective character – taxis, shuttles, private buses – coming both from the town and from the motorway network. The Zara Expo Road, 2.2 km long, has a dual structure roadway with two lanes in each direction, from Eritrea Road to the east gate of the exhibition site. The first part of the road was built in tunnel to minimize the visual impact on the historic district. The gallery is covered with sound-absorbing expanded clay concrete blocks made with photocatalytic concrete. Sound absorbing performance (Class B4 for sound insulation and Class A5 for sound absorption) works with its photocalytic activity (high absorption capacity of the nitrogen oxide up to 84% at 60 minutes).


Sound absorption, photocatalytic absorption, ease of assembly, durability, mechanical resistance.

Why expanded clay?

Expanded clay blocks for sound absorption achieve Class A5, with sound insulation at the same time (Class A4) and mechanical resistance as well. Moreover these types of blocks have an excellent NOx reduction especially due to their shape. The strength of the material also allows use along highways with a lot of traffic.