Sound barrier Ecobeton

Year: 2014

Location: Heusden-Zolder E314, uitvoering 2014

Country: Belgium

Volume: 4400m²

Problem / Solution

For more than two decades, the Belgian/Flemish government is taking measures to control noise problems on and around highways, railways, subways, airports, and industrial noise to preserve the quality of life of local residents. The realization of noise barriers in lightweight concrete is certainly not new. The sound-proofing of walls for sound passage or transmission is directly proportional to the mass of the concrete wall and thus is an ideal durable environmentally friendly material. The government installed 4400 m² of sound barriers next to the E314 motorway in Heusden-Zolder, where up to 40,000 vehicles pass every day, resulting in an aesthetic and sound insulating solution.


Sound reduction, ease of handling, lightweight, aesthetic aspect, fire resistance.

Why expanded clay?

The high sound absorbency is achieved by the open structured surface pyramidal structure and the use of lightweight aggregates. Aesthetically, it is possible to add different color pigments, which creates more design possibilities for the contractor. Walls in expanded clay concrete often combine seemingly conflicting properties such as lightweight, durable, load bearing capacity, insulation, thermal and acoustic comfort. Since the sound barrier panels are used to create a sound absorbing ‘wall’ between the motorway and residential areas, both sound absorbing and aesthetical aspects were important. Also, to limit the inconvenience of works along a motorway, easy product handling (lightweight material) is recommended. Finally, the fire resistance of the sound barrier panels can be crucial in case of an accident.