The Nertherlands

Sports Fields Durgerdam

Year: 2015

Location: Durgerdam, The Netherlands

Country: The Nertherlands

Owner Builder: Amsterdam Municipality

Contractor: Van Es

Designer: Van Es

Problem / Solution

The new sports fields in Durgerdam were built on soft organic soil, where wetlands water level tends to fluctuate, therefore it was necessary to use a product like expanded clay to store large amounts of water and prevent flooding.


Because the new sports fields in Durgerdam were built on a wetland prone to flooding, it was important to combine expanded clay with anti-flood designs to prevent the inundation of the facilities.

Why expanded clay?

High permeability, total drainage capacity and thermal insulation, make expanded clay the optimum aggregate to build draining layers over concrete structures, roof gardens and sport fields. Expanded clay protects the structure and the rain proof materials from severe thermal range, recreates an optimum habitat for green vegetation and offers a long reserve of water and air for plants and grass. Different layers of expanded clay, geotextile and natural soil realize a good and durable green system cover.

Sports Fields Durgerdam (The Netherlands – Argex – 2015)
Sports Fields Durgerdam 3
Sports Fields Durgerdam 2
Sports Fields Durgerdam 1