Sports Fields UKI Arena

Year: 2012

Location: Jessheim, Norway

Country: Norway

Owner Builder: Ullensaker/Kisa IL Club

Contractor: ├śM Fjell AS

Designer: Landskapsgruppen

Problem / Solution

The historical Ullensaker/Kisa IL club founded in 1894 currently has 80 different sports teams covering all ages and several disciplines. Due to the growth in members and teams Ullensaker/Kisa IL club has recently expanded and refurbished its sport fields. The UKI Arena was built on soft organic soil, where wetlands water level tends to fluctuate, therefore it was necessary to use a product like expanded clay to store large amounts of water and prevent flooding.


Because the UKI Arena was built on a wetland prone to flooding, it was important to combine expanded clay with anti-flood designs to prevent the inundation of the facilities.

Why expanded clay?

Expanded clay was selected due to its inherent drainage capabilities. In addition, expanded clay also insulates well against frost on the ground.

Sports Fields Uki Arena 1
Sports Fields Uki Arena 2
Sports Fields Uki Arena 3