United Kingdom

“Station Road, Nawton” New build housing development

Location: Nawton, North Yorkshire

Country: United Kingdom

Owner Builder: Ambleside Homes

Contractor: Ambleside Homes

Designer: Andrew Fletcher, 147 Design Ltd, Stokesley

Problem / Solution

A bespoke and unique development, located on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors.  The development was a small cul de-sac with some open plan garages / car ports, the external finish varied between stone and brickwork.  The site was developed privately, this was the first “development” project that they had undertaken. All units sold very fast due to its characteristic location, design and aesthetic appeal.


Great for Fixing, low shrinkage, movement control, lightweight, easy to handle and cut, very robust and cost effective due to the larger lorry sizes available. Less  than 1% waste on site.  The wall construction achieved a U Value of 0.26W/m²K.

Why expanded clay?

Expanded Clay block walls were used for the main reason of the “One Block on site”, cheaper than alternate methods of construction such as timber frame, flexible to adapt on site and readily available.  The products had multiple benefits to get assist in comply with building regulations for sound, thermal, air tightness and thermal bridging   The product is a light material, very easy to use and very robust.