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Braamcamp Freire School – Pontinha

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Project Name Pontinha - Lisboa Volume 2007 Location SETH, SA Year CVDB arquitectos
Contractor Internal and party walls - Sound insulation and absortion

General Description:

The project is a public school. Two types of lightweight concrete blocks were used in the project: the walls that separate the amphitheatre from the other spaces were built with a special block with high performance in airbourne sound reduction (53 dB), in the Entrance Hall a wall was built with a block with a special design (with Helmutz chamber) that permits sound absorption, decreasing the reverberation time inside the Hall. In the corridors, both blocks were used in order to insulate the classrooms and for acoustic correction inside the corridors.

Why Expanded Clay:

This is a refurbishment project and from the construction point of view, the design strategy pointed to the specification of high strength and quality finishing materials, in order to meet the performance requirements implied by the public character of buildings, providing comfort of use, ensuring an aesthetic solution and with low maintenance costs.

Key benefits:

sound reduction, acoustic correction, aesthetics, low maintenance costs.

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