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“Westfield Lane” New build housing development


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Project Name "Westfield Lane" New build housing development Location South Elmsall, South Yorkshire
Contractor SAUL Construction, private developer Architect Martyn Smith, SELF Architects, Sheffield Owner/Builder SAUL Construction, private developer

General Description:

A project of 125 dwellings of mixed type and orientation.  The units varied from Code for Sustainable homes assessed dwellings (Level 4), to private sale units, 2 bed townhouses to 4  bedroomed detached.  The site was part funded under the Homes and Communities Agency agreement to build more dwellings, and privately funded by the developer.

Why Expanded Clay:

Expanded Clay block walls were used for the main reason of the “One Block on site”, cheaper than alternate methods of construction such as timber frame, flexible to adapt on site and readily available.  The products are manufactured locally which reduced the transport CO2.

The products a light, very easy to use and very Robust.

Key benefits:

Great for Fixing, low shrinkage, movement control, lightweight, easy to handle and cut, very robust and cost effective  The development achieved and external wall U value of 0.25W/m²K.

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