LWA for roads and railways, Internordic research and development project


LWA geolight is an internordic project aiming at developing technical solutions for the use of light weight clay aggregate (LWA) for insulation and light weight fill in roads and railways. The project is performed with financial support from Nordic Industrial Fund. The project has been organised with national activities in Finland, Sweden and Norway on the topics LWA in combination with geosynthetic reinforcment, hydraulically stabilised LWA and mechanically stabilised LWA. Internordic working groups have been established on the topics surface icing, required properties and test methods, publication and implementation of results in CEN. The project includes laboratory testing, numerical analyses, model tests and field tests. It has provided data on characteristics of LWA, structural behaviour and relevant factors for the construction with LWA. A separat Nordtest project on required properties has been performed in close co-operation with the LWAgeolight project. The conclusions are incorporated and are also forwarded as basis for a new work item in CEN.