Gjøklep Middle School

Year: 2015

Location: Holmestrand, Norway

Country: Norway

Owner Builder: Holmestrand Municipality

Contractor: Raaen Entreprenør / Telemark Vestfold Entreprenør

Designer: Anthonisen Og Heskestad

Problem / Solution

The foundation and floor solution consist of 1.0 metres of expanded clay and a concrete structure above.


The installation of the expanded clay was done by special blowing trucks, which was very efficient and convenient due to a lot of pipes and technical installations.

Why expanded clay?

The building is on soft soil, and a special foundation was needed. Possible solutions were either concrete piles or a lightweight compensation foundation.

Gjøklep Middle School (Norway – Leca – 2015)
Gjøklep Middle School 1
Gjøklep Middle School 2
Gjøklep Middle School 3