Twin-Set Headquarters

Year: 2016

Location: Modena, Italy

Country: Italy

Owner Builder: Twin-Set Simona Barbieri

Contractor: Ing. Ferrari Spa

Designer: BP Architects

Problem / Solution

The new Twin-Set headquarters is the result of the recovery of an anonymous industrial building of the ’70s, transformed into a prestigious and efficient business location.
The project starts from the seismic improvement and total renovation of about 8,000 square meters of an existing building and then goes on with the construction of a new office building of about 7,000 square meters, which embraces the building on two sides. A special emphasis is given on comfort and energy efficiency improvements.


Insulation, hydrophobic, and fast.

Why expanded clay?

The underground parts of the buildings must be adequately insulated to reduce heat loss into the ground. So a special type of expanded clay that is hydrophobic and does not retain water is used in granular form for quickly creating an insulating layer which is also very effective against rising damp. The expanded clay is laid loose and simply levelled to the thickness desired. The topmost granules of the layer are fixed with a cement slurry to make the surface easy to walk on for completing the job.

Twin-Set Headquarter (Italy – Leca – 2016)
Twin-Set Headquarters 1
Twin-Set Headquarters 2